Last week, I took the train south from Klagenfurt (in south Austria) to Trieste.  Reviewing Google maps, I had assumed that the train headed directly south through Slovenia.  But history or geography planned a route that skirts Slovenia completely.  The …

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My Sister

I started this story yesterday and then lost the draft, so I have started it again, and I need to make hay of it. . . . My sister is a something of a hero; she is stable, thoughtful, considerate. …

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Vienna Observed (1)

Vienna is not huge. It is a substantial city, and it is a capital city, with about 2 million inhabitants, and about 2.6 million in its metropolitan area.  It has a long history, combining remnants of Imperial Majesty with established …

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Aunt Dora

Aunt Dora, our grandmother’s sister,  is someone we never knew.  We did not know her because she was unable to get out of Austria.   While preparing our Austrian citizenship applications, our lawyers hired an archivist to  document evidence that our …

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Protected: Vienna’s Kaffee Houses and Cafés

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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March 12, 2022 “Among the so-called neurotics of our day there are a good many who in other ages would not have been neurotic—that is divided against themselves.  If they had lived in a period and in a milieu in …

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I am in Vienna

March 4, 2022 I flew into Vienna on Wednesday, and today, briefly, I felt that I was out of my mind to have come.  I have some old, inherited fear. . . But the move is temporary, and it feels …

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Retirement, deciding

October 2021 My friends may wonder why I choose to retire now.  Although well past 65, there is no employer asking me to leave;  I have clients and can still work, and I have a good life in New York,  …

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The Best Upper West Side Apartments

This morning (Sunday, June 6), I searched the  StreetEasy website for real estate in Manhattan and found 282 cooperative and condominium apartment listings on the Upper West Side, priced from $3 to $10 million.  Most buyers would not look across …

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For current action in the Manhattan market over $4 million–consult the Olshan Report.

Donna Olshan and Emily Chen, at Olshan Realty, have been carefully tracking contracts signed, at $4 million or more, on a weekly and monthly basis since 2011.  Contracts are an important measure of current market activity, sales to not usually …

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