LARRY SICULAR  has retired and is not currently in New York.

This photograph is of my Riverside Drive apartment and the desk where I worked for many years.  My close friends and neighbors are now using it as a drawing studio and thought place, and I will be visiting and living in it occasionally.

At this writing (January 2022), I am at my house in upstate New York, waiting for the current Covid/Omnicron surge to pass.  Going forward,  I will be spending the summers here and the remainder of the year in Europe.

To begin, I will be in Vienna, learning German and more about history and central Europe.  Otherwise, I will be visiting friends in France or Israel or exploring new places.

For many years, I have written about the Manhattan housing market.  It is now time for me to move on. My hope is to observe and write about other things.

Larry Sicular
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